Something is wrong on the internet

This page discusses ideas brought from an online article: “Something is wrong with the internet” by James Bridle.


What responsibility do the creators of web content and the builders of web platforms have to set and conform to ethical and moral standards?

The creators and builders must consider the appropriateness of their websites. They should monitor the content uploaded by other users. Understanding the users/audience of the website is the first step, but a lot of times algorithms are faulty or there are other loopholes that need to be regulated better. More human involvement in the process of approval or

Who gets to decide what is “ethical” or “moral”?

The creators/owners/supervisors of the website can decide it on their own basis, meaning it varies for each website, but many sites, though they have user agreement regulations, will still have users abusing the rules. Of course the users will have their own ideas, but unless we create our own specifications we cannot be sure.

What conversations should we be having as parents, siblings, grandparents, childcare providers, and friends among ourselves and with the children in our care about the internet and how to use it?

Though it seems obvious, tread carefully on the internet and trust everything with a grain of salt. We should educate others on what is safe and what is not, meaning telling the parents to supervise and recognize what material is off or inappropriate. The children can’t be informed of these issues without the education of parents to pass it down.

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