Reflection on ENG1103

Coming into this class, I wasn’t really sure to expect. I didn’t think that “multimodal composition and digital publics” was going to be a class where we focus on a more modern style of writing (digital). I thought the class was going to be an analytical class where we examined online publications and learned from them.

I was, and still am, pretty bad at technology and anything new on the internet. When it comes to things like that, I really have to be guided step-by-step on things. Trying to find an appealing website design and alter it in a way I wanted to wasn’t difficult, but was somewhat tedious. Being that I had ideas and didn’t know how to place that into a web form sometimes was frustrating, but I focused on the quality of my work instead.

This was definitely a more research based class for me. Though I had done research only a few times before in high school, I never went this in depth in a project. I’m honestly glad that I did have the opportunity to have an assignment in such a manner because I’ve learned how to use the GSU Library’s catalog, hypotheses, and zotero. I ended up using the latter two for my Philosophy class, which seems to be the only other class I wrote in this semester.

Since being in this class, I’ve steered away from the 5 paragraph scheme of an essay and really found myself more involved with what I was writing and better ways of organizing my writing and ideas than trying to make my complex web of ideas fit into a 5 paragraph box. I’ve also realized how much can go into a website or article, and tend to be less attentive to articles with no multimedia. In turn, I try to find relevant multimedia for my work.

I know I still need to work on my syntax and improving my choice of words, but I think that will come with practice.


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