Primary Source Description 1 Reflection

After the in-class peer review, I realized that I was lacking on a lot textural details and describing the way that each piece of the panel was attached. The purpose of the description is to give such a detailed, objective description that a reader may be able to visualize the panel without ever seeing it.

After September 19th’s class, I learned that I could make small inferences, within obvious reason. For instance, there’s a red ribbon on a small patch of the panel. Given the context, I could have inferred that this red ribbon symbolized AIDS awareness, much like I did enough research to realize that GODIVA is a chocolate.

Of course, when making inferences, it’s important to remember, in a source description, that you cannot just guess the meaning or significance of a very abstract detail. After clarification in class, and examples from Fitzgerald’s Mohegan basket description, I now understand that some hypotheses can be drawn if there is sufficient evidence, but especially so if we make sure we state that it’s just a supposed conclusion based on the writer’s knowledge and research.

Since the peer review, I have visited the AIDS Quilt on Luckie Street again and took numerous pictures to get a greater scope of the creation, including materials, forms of application, possible significance, and date of creation. My final revision before turn in consists of adding new details in all of these aspects.

I feel that adding all of these details will enhance, not only the sheer description, but the greater meaning behind this seemingly stoic details. I think this will pull together the entire description and be a great way to lead into the source analysis.

I also remembered the metadata that we needed to consider when doing this project, and how I failed to include this in my original source description, so, I added a few very simple tags to my post. However, I forgot to do it until original submission, so hopefully the website I submitted for grading is still valid (if not, then this is another learning experience I can reflect on).