Primary Source Analysis Proposal

For my primary source analysis, I aim to discuss the lack of research for homosexual servicemen and the problems that remain with the providing of healthcare in the U.S. military. Issues on homosexual servicemen include mental and sexual  health. The issues involving the concealment of sexual orientation in the military, due to the pre-existing laws and the homophobic environment, create a problem of minimal research for the healthcare of these gay servicemen. With minimal research and a lasting judgment on homosexuals, it is difficult to provide appropriate health care or HIV/AIDS prevention programs for homosexual servicemen.

First I will talk about how my AIDS Quilt panel initiated my research journey. I then will discuss the Department of Defense policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the effects of this policy before, during, and after it’s establishment. While investigating this, the homophobic environment created in the military will be explored. Following that, I will discuss the lack of research available for homosexual service members and why there is a lack of research. Sequently, the issues involving a lack of HIV/AIDS prevention programs for those at higher risk and the mental health of homosexual servicemen will be investigated, along with appropriate statistics.

My panel does not answer the questions proposed, but it does create the initial curiosity. The panel shows that this individual was in the military at some point, but it doesn’t address the healthcare or lack thereof in the military for homosexuals. The panel does, however, address that this memorialized man was more than just a service member of the U.S. Army.